How to get SAD source tree

Getting source code

  • Checkout/Export via anonymous CVS access(repository mirror is updated every 1 hour)

    The CVS access is currently unavailable. Instead, the “k64” version (64bit) is available at:
    Please send an email to Katsunobu.Oide @ if you have further questions.

    Source code can be checked out via anonymous pserver
    with the following instruction.

    cvs -z3 -d checkout -P oldsad

    Updates from within the module’s directory
    do not need the -d parameter.

How to build SAD

  • Main Trunk(1.0.9b or later)
    1. Copy sad.conf.sample to sad.conf and edit it.

      Usable configuration variable is shown below.

      SAD_ROOT      define SAD install prefix, if you need to instal.
      USE_X11       define as `YES', if you want to link X11 library.
      USE_TCLTK     define as `YES', if you want to link Tcl/Tk.

      Now X11 and Tcl/Tk linkage glue depend each other.
      You must set USE_TCLTK = USE_X11.

    2. If you don’t want Tcl/Tk or Python linkage, you can skip this step.

      Choose either getting archives by yourself(a) or using automatic fetch(b).

      a. Put 3rd party source archives into oldsad/distfiles directory.
         (Ex. tcl8.5a5-src.tar.gz, tk8.5a5-src.tar.gz)
      b. Install GNU/wget utility or set URI fetch command to FETCH variable,
         if you don't use 4.4BSD-Lite variant.
         (BSD extended ftp(1) is used on 4.4BSD-Lite variant)
    3. Run `make depend’ on oldsad directory, if you modify sources.
    4. Run `make all’ on oldsad directory.
    5. Run `make install’, if you want install to SAD_ROOT.

SAD source tree need GNU make utility and C/Fortran compiler chain to build.
In the some environment, you have to install such tool chains.

OS Support Status

  • Main trunk(original version)
    • Tier-1(maintained for SuperKEKB design/simulation)
      • FreeBSD/amd64 8.2-STABLE
      • MacOS X/i386 10.5.x


Operating System/UNIX Compatible Environment

Related third party software

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