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The SADdists:

    • N. Akasaka: KBFrame (Tkinter libraries), EPICS interface, etc.
    • K. Hirata: Lie methods, emittance, beam-beam, etc.
    • M. Kikuchi: orbit correction functions and commands in FFS,
    • S. Kuroda: x-y normal mode.
    • T. Mimashi: workstation, control, etc.
    • K. Ohmi: Taylor map, radiation integral, beam-beam, etc.
    • K. Oide: FFS subsystem(matching, emittance, tracking),
      Mathematica-style functions, Tkinter, etc. The SADdest.
    • N. Yamamoto: MAIN level, element and line definition, EPICS
      interface, workstation, etc.
    • K. Yokoya: spin calculations(SODOM), Lie methods, etc.
    • E. Forest, H. Fukuma, S. Kamada, H. Koiso, S. Matsunoto:
    • H. Sugawara, Y. Kimura, M. Iwata, K. Takata, S.-I. Kurokawa:

A brief history of SAD:

  1. 1986: A project was started by K. Hirata, S. Kamada, K. Oide, N.
    Yamamoto, and K. Yokoya to develope a new code for accelerator design.
  2. 1987: The first version of the new code ran on HITAC, with Lie
    methods, 6D tracking, and emittance calculation with beam matrix, under
    MAIN level.
  3. 1988: An optics matching code FFS was installed. Applied for
    NLC/FFTB final focus system at SLACVM. The naming SAD was established.
  4. 1989: FFS was modified to design a periodic optics. The initial
    version of KEKB ring was designed with SAD.
  5. 1990: FFS was extended to x-y coupled optics with solenoid.
    FFS/COR orbit correction system was developed.
  6. 1992: A spin calculation SODOM was first developed and linked
    with SAD.
  7. 1993: Ahsad workstations started with four HP735/755s to
    separate SAD from HITAC.
  8. 1994: Mathematica-style functions were introduced to FFS.
    TRISTAN started to use SAD for regular operation.
  9. 1995: Acsad server started with DEC8000(7 CPUs). Taylor map,
    beam-beam was linked to SAD.
  10. 1996: EPICS was first linked to SAD for KEKB control. Parallel
    processing was extensively used in tracking and optics matching.
  11. 1997: Python and Tkinter were embedded in SAD/FFS. A few GUI
    libraries was built with them. Acsad was upgraded to 10 CPUs.
  12. 1998: SAD/KBFrame has been applied for commissioning of KEKB
    Linac/Rings. Class function was introduced to support an
    object-oriented programming.
  13. 1999: SAD was exported to Linuc/LinuxPPC by the g77 compiler.
    Acsad4 (21264,3CPU) joined to the SAD cluster.
  14. 2000: Two Linux systems alsad1&2 joined the SAD cluster for
    the commissioning of KEKB.
  15. 2001: Acsad5 joined. Ported to Mac OS X/Darwin.